Frequently Asked Questions along the Craps Street

Q: Which Vegas casinos offer the best odds?
A: A couple years back, the Horseshoe offered 100x-odds. Now they offer up to 10x odds. In Downtown Vegas, you’re likely to find 20x-odds at Main Street Station. The best overall though is at Sam’s Town on Boulder Highway. At last check they were still offering 100x odds. (NB> We offer no guarantee that the odds stated above will still be in effect when you choose to visit any of the casinos mentioned)

Q: Who are cutthroat crappers?
A: A cutthroat crapper is a craps player that likes to bet on a selected shooter (or shooters). They believe that certain shooters can change a slightly negative game into a slightly positive one (golden shooters), so rather than betting using typical strategies, they bet on a shooter.

Q: What would happen if a casino caught me using loaded dice?
A: If this happened forty years ago in Las Vegas, you probably would have been ‘buried in the desert’ and never heard of again. Nowadays though you’ll almost certainly be arrested and your winnings confiscated. How ‘gentle’ the casino security would be as this is done would most certainly depend on the casino that you are in. So, the crux of the matter is, don’t do it because you’re likely to end up hurt and/or in jail.