Craps Layout

Craps Table Layout

Below, we go into quite a bit of detail to explain the look of a standard craps layout for you. We use diagrams to simply identify and highlight specific areas of the table, with brief explanations and links to betting information and instructions for those spots. The ‘Betting’ link over to the left of this text points you to some of the smarter and more popular bets. Our other craps bets page outlines a few betting options that we don’t think are necessarily the smartest way to go.

Basic Craps Table Layout
Main Table Craps

This is the look of a standard craps table that you may see in a casino. This would actually be one half of what you might see given that the table is usually split in half with the same information repeated on the other side (so the table can accommodate more players).

The Pass Line

Table Pass Line Craps

It’s very standard for a player to start off the round of craps by placing his/her bet (chips) on the pass line. The pass line is associated with theĀ pass line bet.

The Don’t Pass Line

Table Dont Pass Craps

By placing your chips here, you’re basically betting against the shooter on the come-out roll. The don’t pass line is associated with the don’t pass bet.

The Field Bet

Table Field Craps

Definitely not one of the better craps bets, it presents the possibility of eight winning numbers and only four losers. However, things are not necessarily as amazing as they may sound with the field bet.

The Come Bar

Table Come Craps

Bets in this area operate much like pass line bets, except they are made made after the shooter establishes a point. More about the come bet.

The Don’t Come Bar

Table Dont Come Bar Craps

A bit harder to find on the table than the Come Bar;
Learn more about the don’t come bet.

The Place Bets Area

Table Place Craps

A favorite betting area among craps players, here you can make your Buy and Lay bets. More about the place bets.

The Hardway Bet

Table Hardways Craps

Good payback odds but high house edge.
Learn more about hardway bets.

Other Center Proposition Bets

Table Proposition Bets Craps

Generally not a good area to be betting at all.
Learn more about the other center proposition bets.

The Big 6 & Big 8

Table Big68 Craps

Bets placed here are usually called “sucker bets“.
Learn more about Big 6 & Bi 8 bets.