Craps Tips

Craps Tips – a must for the beginner!

A good Craps Street really wouldn’t be complete without a few craps tips and advice. If you are a newbie, the information below should be quite useful. In addition to that, the links over there in the navigation, particularly ‘Terminology‘, ‘Layout‘, ‘Instructions‘ and ‘Betting‘ offer good explanations for the key aspects of craps gambling. If you’ve gotten a good enough understanding and want to go for a few rounds without much stress, please utilize our free craps game for that purpose. Click the big green dice with the word ‘Free’ that is located above the text and to the right, and our casino gaming window will popup. You can sign up to play our craps as well as blackjack, slot machines, roulette and video poker for free. Now on to the craps tips:

Table with the lowest minimums

A smart way to play is to find the table with the lowest table minimum and make regular pass line and a few come bets. This will allow you to plug a fair chunk of your bankroll into odds bets instead of putting it all at risk on the pass line alone where the house edge is 1.41%.

Take your odds

If the casino offers double, triple or even higher odds bets, as long as you have the money and can afford to make these odds bets, take them. If you have $20 on the table, with $10 on the pass line and $10 as a pass line odds bet, the house edge is cut to 0.85% (from 1.41% for a straight pass line bet). If instead, for that $20, you had $5 on the pass line and $15 as a pass line odds bet, then the house edge is further reduced to 0.47%. It just makes sense.

Avoid the center bets

Avoid all those bets in the middle of the table (hardway bets and proposition bets) like the plague. Ultimately they are there, simply put, to take your money; you can read more for yourself on the craps bets page.

Avoid the field bets

Field bets may seem like a good option from an odds perspective, but the house edge on these bets is a tidy 5.6% when two and twelve pay double. Learn more about field bets.

The best place bets

If you’re choosing to make place bets, place bets on the numbers six and eight in multiples of $6 are the best of the lot. The house edge for the a place bet on four or ten is 6.67%. Betting on the five or nine is a little better, with a house edge of 4%. A place bet on six or eight in multiples of $6 is a decent bet, because the house edge is cut to 1.52%.

Don’t Come

Only ‘negative’ people are said to make don’t come bets, but everytime there is a new shooter you should throw one of these bets into the mix. Craps is luck too, you might just get lucky on the come out roll.